Case Studies

Wholesale Farm Trees

For the past five years we have been propagating native seed for farm tree tube stock.


These seeds are sown in flats from October to December, and then the seedlings are picked out and potted to tubes from January until March.


They then go out into the elements with some shelter but no shade to grow on for sale from May to September.


We have used the same commercially prepared potting mix with a slow release native fertilizer added, each year.


This season instead of watering in each tray of seedlings with a soft watering wand, we have allowed the trays to stand in a mixture of Excel-Crop fish emulsion, diluted at 1-50 for approximately 15 minutes after planting.


The results have been outstanding. A much better strike rate, stronger healthier seedlings with a growth rate double that we have had previously. We have had far fewer losses to dampening off. With the added bonus of less watering during the summer months.


The fish emulsion seems also to act as a wetting agent, allowing the potting mix to retain moisture and nutrients, which make the potting mix better able to support the growing plant.  This year we have been using the same techniques with rooted perennial cutting with similar results.


Thank you for an excellent product.

Richard Thornby

Dumbalk Valley Garden Centre

Dumbalk North , Victoria


Richard is quite happy for people to call him to discuss these results. Please Contact Excel-Crop if you would like Richard's telephone number.