Case Studies  

Hay Production


Increased Hay Production Using Excel-Crop


These figures are from George Mercieca who owns a 120 acre property at Kyneton in Victoria .


In 2003 Mr Mercieca cut a fifteen acre paddock for hay producing 370 bales.


In September 2004 he applied Excel Crop liquid fish emulsion at the rate of 100 litres to the same 15 acres or around six litres per acre.


He mixed the Excel Crop with water at about 30 litres per 500 litres water, the size of the tank on his boom spray.


He cut this paddock in late November 2004 and it produced 718 bales of hay. This figure (718 bales) is not a typographical error.


While we normally expect about 20% improvement in normal conditions this is exceptional and we believe the results may be due to the nature of the property when he purchased it.


The paddock is sown in pasture grasses, clover and rye.


George is quite happy for people to call him to discuss these results. Please Contact Excel Crop if you would like George's telephone Number.