Customer Comments

Excel-Crop customers listed here are happy to talk to you about how they use Excel-Crop to boost productivity for less cost.

“Our company has been using Excel-Crop for many years with outstanding results for both our fruit growing enterprise and farm paddocks. We have applied at the rates recommended by Excel-Crop at all times. Visitors to our property have commented on the strong Clover understory in the orchards and the dark green pastures in comparison to our neighbours. We strongly recommend Excel-Crop and congratulate Ken and Shona on their product.”

Ian Ralph – Gorae Vic

“Our dryland lucerne production has dramatically improved since we started using Excel-Crop in 2006. Each year our lucerne cut has imrproved significantly over the year before and we have cut back superphosphate application by 30%. Our lucerne production is almost double for our third cut and our first cut has increased over the last three years by 85% in 2009.”

Paul White Aorangi, Fern Hill Victoria

“On average I expect at least 1.5 tonnes more potatoes per acre when I use Excel-Crop.”

Potato Grower - Leo Love


“We have experienced a much better strike rate, stronger healthier seedlings, with double the growth rate since we started using Excel-Crop.”

Wholesale Nurseryman– Richard Thornby of Dumbalk North


“We have had outstanding results using Excel-Crop. We had a remarkable increase in hay production in the first year."

Hay Production – George Mercica of Kyneton


"Before we used Excel-Crop the trays would weigh about two kilos now after using Excel-Crop our trays weigh around about four kilos. At the rate I am applying it, 50 mls per day, 20 litres will last 400 days. From our 6 x 12 meter shed we are producing one tonne of quality green barley fodder every day."

Stock Feed Hydroponics – Brain Travena Benella