Liquid Fish Fertilizer

General Info

Excel-Crop fish fertiliser is an enzymatically digested hydrolyzed liquid fish fertiliser. rich in nutrients that promote richer, stronger plant growth.

A complete fertiliser, Excel-Crop fish is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements and includes a mineral that promotes even better nutrient uplift by plants and grasses.

Excel-Crop also contains original Protein, omega-3 fish oils and calcium often removed during high temperature processing. You see the improved condition in pasture animals and crops.

Along with reduced use of acidifying fertilisers, Excel-Crop stimulates earthworm, dung beetle and microbial activity rebuilding depleted soils.

Excel-Crop is directly anti-fungal and enhances resistance to a broad range of plant pathogens and chewing insects.

With regular use Excel-Crop successfully controls aphid and mite infestations and reduces nematode populations when added directly to the soil.

Excel-Crop is made with 100% Australian products by a 100% Australian owned company.

Excel-Crop is having excellent results in a range of farming and horticultural applications from growing pasture to crops and fruit and vegetables. It is excellent in the home garden.

Excel-Crop fish and kelp liquid fertilizer is NASAA* Organic Certified - License 3148M. Excel Crop fish was developed at CSIRO**

*NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia ) - The World's premier certifying body

**CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation - Australia 's leading Research & Development institution. Excel-Crop™ is a registered Trade Mark of APR Productions Pty Ltd - ABN 18006380141