Vignerons Notes

Excel-Crop Fish Foliar Spray Programme


  • Apply early in the season soon after bud burst when the vines have about 10cms of new growth.
  • Followed by spraying again two to three weeks later before flowering to promote adequate nutrients for maintaining steady growth and promote good fruit set.
  • Early spraying helps give protection against powdery mildew.
  • Spray again when berries are pea sized to give the vines stores to assist during veraison and ripening.
  • A final spray after harvest will provide the vine something to store over winter.
  • Preferably do not spray close to picking

Application rates:


5 litres per hectare early and late in the season (as above)

8 litres per hectare on fruit forming

Drip Feeding

As per foliar spraying but at the higher of the recommended concentrations.



Excel-Crop is a genuine organic fish products manufactured in Australia and contains the total goodness of fresh processed fish in the form of a balanced concentrated liquid fertilizer.

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