Liquid Fish

Application Rates

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Applying Excel-Crop Fish

We recommend Silvan high probe boomless nozzle kit ($240) for Power Take-Off (PTO) or 12 volt or similar single nozzle product. Otherwise use blue coded nozzles or coarser with the nozzle filters removed. Contact Silvan on Tel: 1300 745 826.

For exhausted soils plough in once at 30 l/ha and then reduce for subsequent applications.


For fruit trees, and vegetables apply to run off either as a foliar spray or via drip system. Use regularly through the growing season until one week before harvest. 


For hand spraying systems for small plots and home use at dilution of 100:1with water.


For watering in seedlings use at 200:1 


Excel Crop is produced by a hydrolyzed enzymatic process which preserves more vitamins, proteins and key nutrients than the process used for some fish emulsions.

Excel-Crop™ is a registered Trade Mark of APR Productions Pty Ltd - ABN 18006380141